Whether you are starting a new retail business and need a small space, you have an established business and are in need of a bigger space that will not only accommodate your current needs but leaves room for growth or you are looking to expand to a second or third location, Murphy Commercial Real Estate can help you find the perfect property to match your needs and your budget.

Our experienced team of commercial real estate agents know the local landlords.  The relationships we have built with commercial property owners throughout the Baltimore/Annapolis area, gives us an advantage. Knowing all of the local landlords not only means we know which buildings are managed well and which to steer clear of, it also means that we are in a better position to negotiate your lease when the time comes. 

It is important to choose a commercial real estate team that knows the ins and outs of every property.  The Murphy Commercial Real Estate team will ensure there are no unexpected expenses and make sure you receive the best deal possible. 

In addition, we can help you when it is time to renew your current lease, move in the middle of a lease or terminate your lease altogether.

The Murphy Commercial Real Estate team is standing by to help you find the perfect location for your business.  Call today (410) 266-1113.