Helping You Unlock Higher Income

Do you feel trapped by your commercial property?  Are you concerned about the capital gain taxes you will incur if you sell it?  Nervous you won’t be able to find a suitable property to meet the 1031 exchange requirements?  These are real fears.  The #1 reason 1031 Exchanges do not transact  is because sellers cannot identify suitable replacement properties..  Murphy Commercial is the solution.  Our experienced team will work to find suitable replacement property while deferring or potentially completely avoid capital gain  taxes.   

We can help you “unlock” higher income.

Real Property to Real Property 1031 Exchanges

Murphy Commercial has spent the last 20+ years developing an extensive real estate network in the Baltimore/Washington Market with known and trusted resources. Our reputation, level of integrity and ability to take our clients’ needs and considerations into account when looking for real property has a proven track record. If for some reason we cannot match you with one of our existing properties, we work closely with other CREs and 1031 exchange brokers to find you one that will.

Real Property to Part Real Property and Part Securitized Property 1031 Exchanges

When we do find a replacement property to suit clients needs that costs less than the original property, we’re able to 1031 Exchange the remaining “boot” into securitized investment properties – deferring taxes on those capital gains as well.

Real Property to Securitized Property 1031 Exchanges   

Many of our clients are looking to get out of the day to day management of their real estate holdings and want to start collecting hassle-free income on their real estate investments without suffering a huge tax bill. In order to help our clients achieve this goal, we partner with a number of trusted local firms who can facilitate the 1031 exchange into securitized investment property so that they can start receiving a nice monthly income without all the headache. For clients who are looking for this type of 1031 exchange, we can always find a replacement property.

Pad Site

One of our clients had an income generating pad site in a great location for over 30 years when out of the blue, they received a generous offer. They then realized that they would have a $800,000 tax bill. Fortunately, we were able to sell their property and 1031 them into a number of securitized investment properties. Now they’re receiving more tax-advantaged income than they were before and one day their heirs will receive a step-up in basis – that $800,000 tax will be avoided completely.

Raw land

Another one of our clients had land that was costing the family money every year. They realized that because their cost basis was zero that they would have to pay a significant amount in taxes, over 30 percent. They wanted a way to defer that capital gain and the taxes associated with it into income-producing property. Now they’re making a nice return on their investment in what was once raw land.

Office Space

A third client, who had heard about what we’ve been doing with securitized investment properties, approached us with questions about their cash flow and whether or not they could receive more income if they sold the property with Murphy Commercial. We said of course and we were easily able to help them complete a 1031 exchange. Now they’re receiving more income than they were before and could not be happier.


One of our snowbird clients had an industrial building here in Maryland that we’ve been leasing out for years. One day, the building owner woke up and realized that they didn’t want to think about their Maryland property any longer and asked us if we could sell their building. We encouraged them to sell it to the company that was currently leasing the space. When all parties agreed, we sold it for a great price and completed another successful 1031 exchange. Now our snowbird client is in Florida full-time and golfing (almost) every day.

If you would like anyone mentioned above and looking to complete a 1031 exchange, give Murphy Commercial a call. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions.